5 Dangerous Spiders In Australia

5 Dangerous Spiders In Australia

While our beautiful country is the envy of many of our cross-cultural neighbours, there’s one part that foreigners don’t love: our scary spiders. Every Australian needs to have a spider control strategy. While these eight-legged creepy crawlies are beneficial because they consume many insect pests, they shouldn’t make your home theirs.

Avoid infestation problems and health risks by educating yourself about the dangerous (and non-dangerous) spiders. They love warm, dark places, so that’s why you’ll find them hiding in cracks, corners and crevices around the home.

So, out of the 2,900 species of spiders that Australia has, let’s find out more about 5 of those species that are classed as dangerous.

1. The Redback

If you spot a spider with a red tinge, run! No really though, the redback produces one of the most serious bites of all, especially if you come into contact with a female. They often hide in dry, sheltered places, like garden sheds, mailboxes, and dog kennels. You’ll be able to tell straight away, because of the distinct red stripe on the back of their black body.

2. The White-tailed

Unlike the redback who loves dry environments, the white-tailed spider thrives in cool, dark places. If you suffer from a bite, you’ll notice a swelling and itchiness. They’re generally dark red or grey, with orange-banded legs. Spot these spiders in moist spots like garden mulch.

3. The Funnel-web

Usually between one to five cm, funnel-webs are hairless in the front of the body. Bites are extremely painful (and serious) due to the size of their fangs. Yep, it doesn’t sound pleasant does it. Australian Geographic labelled this one as the ‘world’s deadliest spider’. Forget sharks or snakes. You need to watch out for the Funnel-web. Those in Western Australia or the Northern Territory, need not worry however as the Funnel-Web is not found in these states.

4. The Tarantula

Hairy and very scary, the tarantula is what travelers fear seeing. With legs of over 20cm, the average Australian tarantula is close to the size of your hand. The good news is, their bites aren’t deadly. But no one wants to experience fatigue or severe pain that comes from the bite that of those fangs! Or the rush of adrenaline that happens after seeing a tarantula.

5. The Huntsman

The Huntsman is a pretty common spider to see around the house. It doesn’t build webs but it hunts and forages for food, hence why it’s usually found running around houses in search of a meal. While reluctant to bite, the bite from a large, flat-bodied huntsman can be very painful. But it’s not a fatal bite.

Get rid of spiders in homes.

White-tailed spiders, the notorious redback, the funnel web or a daddy long legs – no matter which one you see, it’s going to be a fright. But don’t freak out. Contact the spider control experts at All Rid Pest Management. We’ll inspect the infestation and determine the best course of treatment – leaving a residual protective layer to prevent further spider families. We recommend treatments every six months. Contact us for a free quote today.

Charlotte’s web, or any other, will be gone

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