Mosquito Management Plans

Allrid has extensive experience in creating comprehensive mosquito management plans for companies. Strategic plans are tailored to meet the needs of the company and encompass broader environmental factors. Mosquito management techniques are used to reduce the breeding of mosquitoes in natural and man-made situations and/or to reduce exposure of people to mosquito bites. Approaches include direct methods of physical, biological, chemical and cultural mosquito control, as well as indirect methods such as land use planning and wetland design.

How Is Long Term Mosquito Management Achieved?

The most effective mosquito management programs are integrated programs, involving more than just the application of chemicals to kill larval or adult mosquitoes. allrid works together with businesses to develop strategic and comprehensive mosquito management plans that encompass both environmental considerations and commercial project requirements.

Appropriate land use planning is crucial for achieving adequate buffers between wetlands and residential and recreational land uses. Man-made water bodies must be designed and managed so as to discourage mosquito breeding.

Direct methods, including physical control (such as source reduction by filling, draining or removing breeding sites, screening rainwater tanks, wearing protective and the use of personal repellents) and cultural control (such as planning outdoor activities to avoid mosquito activity times, or building screened outdoor living areas) are also important components of an integrated mosquito management program.

Why Choose Allrid?

Contact allrid today for all your mosquito control requirements. With over 40 years of experience providing professional and reliable pest control services across Perth and Western Australia in both residential and commercial buildings, Allrid is one of the state’s leading pest control companies. We also personally standby every single mosquito control treatment we deliver with a 3-month service guarantee.