How to Protect Your Business From Birds

How to Protect Your Business From Birds

Bird poop is one thing to have to worry about cleaning up. But, if your business has what seems like hundreds of birds on the roof, you need to act fast, as they can lead to serious (and expensive) issues. For fast, humane bird control Perth support, we’re here.

You’d be forgiven if you think birds aren’t a pest. But they are, they can cost tens of millions in damage to roofs, buildings, and ventilation systems if left to ‘hang out’ at their own free will. Pigeons are notorious for nesting on the roof, which can clog drains and potentially lead to a collapse. If you notice a number of birds on your roof, nesting materials on the sidewalk, noise from young chicks and damage to stock, you could have an infestation.

We understand that as you run a business, it’s not easy to shut down the space for too long. You’ve got a company to run and employees to take care of. There are, however, some preventative strategies that you can follow to protect your premises from a bird infestation.

1.  Eliminate Food Sources

Start with eliminating food sources. Just like every other pest, if there’s food out, you’re going to attract birds. They’re looking for food, shelter, and a place to breed. It’s simple for birds to fly around until they find this security and the top of buildings are often a target. When there’s easy access to food, this encourages a bird to choose this as their home. Look what’s surrounding your building. Are there fruit trees or bushes that will act as food sources? If you can reduce food availability, this will naturally prevent birds from nesting on your building.

2.  Use Fake Birds

Putting a plastic owl or eagle on the building can deter birds. It’s an effective way of keeping pigeons and small birds from hanging around (and it doesn’t require much work to set up). They’re called predatory decoys. As you’re searching for one, look for a product with moving parts and shining pieces. If the bird has feathers that blow in the wind, it’s much more realistic. The movement and the eye-catching reflections work wonders to scare small birds away.

3.  Seal Off Entry Points

Install wires and nets to seal off entry points into buildings. This should be completed by a bird control company, like us. When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to worry about is birds roaming the building, especially if you have customers coming in. It’s important to present a professional image to everyone who spends time in your building including your customers and your employees.

In need of bird control in Perth? At allrid, we only use top-range products for the ethical removal of birds, no matter what type it is.

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