What to do When You Spot a Bee Swarm in Your Backyard

What to do When You Spot a Bee Swarm in Your Backyard

You might hear them before you spot the nest. But the second you sense a group of bees, run! Actually, call a team like us for bee removal in Perth. Not only are these pests hostile but when you multiply them, they’re extremely dangerous. Annoying bees doesn’t take much either, so they’re an easy threat to your whole family, especially kids and pets.

Don’t get stung by bees.

One bee flying around isn’t a huge issue. But if you see a swarm or if you feel as though there’s always a few around, hire a pest control expert to trace it back to a (possible) nest. The change of seasons, into autumn, brings a new environment in your garden, which might attract bees.

If you know you’re allergic to a bee sting, you need to take extra precautions. It’s good to know the best course of action to take for bee infestations, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. The number one rule is never try to remove the colony yourself. This should only be performed by a licensed pest control operator with bee knowledge and the correct equipment.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you spot a bee, bring your children and pets inside. Keep them safe indoors for 30 minutes to give the bees time to move away or cluster in a certain part of your garden.
  • Keep clear from the swarm or if you’re worried, call a pest expert to come out immediately to remove it. Do this if you’ve seen families of bees in your garden before.
  • While it’s tempting, never run around barefoot on your lawn. This protects your feet from any bees that have settled on the ground that you can’t see.
  • Don’t use water or any physical ‘armour’ to deter the bees. No DIY method will work and you’ll put your safety at risk. Even if they do fly away, you don’t know where their nest is, so they’ll just keep returning. Also, trying to fix the problem yourself could make it harder for the pest control expert to find the swarm.

Bees cause more hospitalisations than any other venomous creature. And there’s all the other people who are bitten but don’t need urgent care. The pain, swelling, nausea, and unconsciousness – it’s not a nice experience being stung by a bee. While you can’t prevent these pests flying around your yard, you can implement these steps if you think there’s a family trying to call your house home. If you spot a bee or three buzzing around in your garden, there could be an infestation. Contact us immediately. You don’t want these guys to get too comfortable. The last thing you want is to worry about your kids playing out in the yard.

Our bee removal experts will find the nest and treat the infestation. Don’t try and bee a hero.

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