How to Prevent Silverfish from Invading Your Home

How to Prevent Silverfish from Invading Your Home

When you hear the word silverfish, it’s hard to associate it with pest. That is, until you have them in your home. After experiencing an infestation, you’ll understand why this is a dangerous, frustrating pest. Being silverfish control experts, we know this first-hand.

Silverfish are the type of pest that you might not even know you have. They hide in nooks, especially during summer, eating away at your books and valuable items. Like many pests, silverfish ‘come out’ at night. While they don’t carry diseases or bite, they have a different motive: ruining your belongings.

Check your kitchen, bathroom, lounge room, and cosy nooks like basements. You’ll find silverfish chewing on paper, cotton, silk, linen, and flour. If you’re scratching your head about unexplained holes in your clothes, take a good look in your laundry.

The last thing you want is silverfish gnawing away at important files like birth certificates, passports, and your favorite books. If you can see a yellow stain with the damage, this is a good sign of silverfish activity.

Silverfish prevention tips.

Because silverfish thrive in moist and humid environments, consider using fans, air conditioning and de-humidifiers to deter them. Look at every possible space that they might target – the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, roof voids, sub-floors, and damp areas.

While you can’t remove the food sources (books and clothing), you can make it harder for them to gain access. If you have a collection of books, put them in sealed containers or build quality shelves with glass doors to protect them. Avoid using cardboard boxes where possible.

Keep your house clean, especially those tricky hard-to-reach dark corners. This is where silverfish are usually found. Clean up any spilled food and drink, then store everything appropriately.

Try to find out why your house has moisture issues. Is it poor drainage under the house? Maybe a leaking roof or tap? Tumble dryer not vented to the outside well enough? Do what you can to prevent your house being an ideal environment for silverfish to breed. Then, fill any gaps in walls and skirting boards with caulking agents, too.

Switch to plastic containers where possible. Every couple of months, go through those cupboards and check for any damage. Don’t forget the storage areas that you don’t often go into. Use an insect spray under furniture, around the sides of every room, in shelves, and cupboards. This is a great preventative approach, but if you do have silverfish, you’ll need a professional pest control team to remove the silverfish and their nests. This is where we come in.

We’ll safeguard your home.

Hire our silverfish control Perth experts.

If you’ve noticed any holes in paper or your clothes, there could be a silverfish infestation in your house. One of our pest controllers will come to you and inspect your property. This is extremely important to keep your belongings safe. Don’t risk these little pests ruining your sentimental items.

Leave the fishing to us.

We’ve done this for over 40 years, which means we’ve dealt with a whole lot of pests. Whatever the issue is, we’ll fix it.

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