Indicators Of A Millipede Infestation

Millipedes are occasional invaders, but an outbreak becomes apparent when you start to see a considerable number of millipedes appear in or around your house.

Millipede Control Measures

Allrid can recommend the best possible way to control an invasion on your property. We will recommend a suitable action plan which may include;

Physical Barriers

Smooth barricades prevent millipedes from gaining access to your houses due to their inability to cross vertical, rounded and smooth surfaces. Experts can fix the earlier mentioned surfaces below doorsteps, walls, vent bricks, and window ledges but must be maintained free of vegetation.

Chemical Control

Residual chemical barriers one meter wide are sufficient to kill millipedes before they gain access to your house. Most pesticides must be re-applied due to their limited active life for continuous control – particularly during the rainy season. Experts may apply chemicals to garden beds, paths and walls were they suspect are favourable grounds for breeding.

Why allrid?

Stopping a millipede such as a Portuguese millipede isn’t straightforward, at Allrid we offer lasting solutions like; treating breeding areas and follow up services to subdue millipede numbers.

To rectify a millipede invasion, reach out to allrid, millipede control specialists.